5 Steps to Effectively Design a Banner

The vinyl banner is a great way to advertise just about any type of event. From a family birthday party to a community fundraiser to the opening of a huge new business, the use of a large banner is an effective way to share information simply and quickly to a very large audience.

Before you choose your banner design, however, there is some information to gather which will help you to create the banner which best fits your objective.

1. Establish the Main Objective of Your Event

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There are plenty of events which could be advertised effectively with a banner:

  • New baby arrivals
  • Fundraisers and drives
  • New business openings
  • Professional conferences
  • Community races or walk-a-thons
  • Upcoming holiday celebrations
  • Sales and other promotions

Once you’ve decided that you will be holding an event and that you want to advertise through the use of a banner, you’ll want to jot down the specific information to be shared through the banner.

2. Determine Your Targeted Audience and Location

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If you are using a vinyl banner as part of a celebration within your business, then your primary target may be your employees and might be displayed inside your place of business. Maybe you are responsible for advertising an event for the local university football game with the school’s traditional rival. In this case, your targeted audience may be everyone who drives along the main street in town. This banner will need to be much bigger and resistant to the elements.

3. Decide Whether or Not You Will Use the Banner More than Once

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Some events happen just once while others are a yearly happening. If you plan to use the banner for an annual celebration, then you will want to make sure that the banner can be stored safely in between celebrations. If, instead, you will be using the banner for just one event, then storage won’t be an issue. There are some banners which can be adjusted from one event to the next, so that dates and locations can be updated from one year to the next.

4. Choose Colors and Lettering to Convey Your Message

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The number of options you have at your disposal when creating a banner is almost unlimited. You can, therefore, choose bright, primary colors and children’s handwriting to announce a fundraiser for the local children’s hospital. You may choose somber colors with a bright yellow contrast to advertise the opening of a Halloween ghost tour in town. Focusing on your primary objective, make sure that the colors and fonts on your banner will convey the attitude which you want your audience to carry with them.

5. Include Other Methods of Advertising

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With the number of different advertising venues today, you may be putting up posts on social media sites, sending out emails, passing around flyers, and other forms of easy advertising. If you intend to do so, then you’ll want to make sure that you can coordinate your banner design with the fonts, colors, and visuals which are used on your other forms of advertisement.

The use of banners to share information about your upcoming event is a method with many advantages. You can reach a large targeted audience with one eye-catching display and then take down and store the banner until the next time you need it. While other forms of advertising are often ignored or simply thrown away, the large banner will almost always attract the attention which you are aiming for.

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