5 Space Saving Ideas For Your Cabinet

Life seems to be full of paper work. It seems that everything we do comes with paperwork to explain what it is about and often we need to keep these papers for future reference. It can often seem like we are drowning in papers if we don’t have a good filing system. Keeping our cabinet organised and all our papers in order is a matter of using the space wisely so that we can access the papers easily when we need them again.

Custom Magnets

Custom magnets are a great way to store the papers in different subject headings in your cabinet. You could split them into categories and have them made up with subject names to suit each subject. Then when the next paper arrives you can put them under whatever magnet corresponds to their subject matter.

Bills could go under the ‘bills’ magnet, or school papers can go under the ‘school’ magnet. The great part about this is that you could make designs with a splash of colour so you feel better when you are looking at the ‘bills’ pile for example. Because they are magnets they can be removed and swapped around if you need to move the papers around.

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Different Coloured Folders

Different coloured folders will assist you with utilising the space in your cabinet wisely and will avoid unsightly piles of papers building up in the cabinet and losing papers that you need to keep. Having a different coloured folder for different colours will assist in knowing which is which.


If you have bulky items to store in the cabinet or stuff that isn’t paper work a box system could help with saving space. Rather than just having everything flung in the cabinet and piled everywhere, having different boxes for things will help to ensure that you use the space wisely and things are easy to find.

Subject Drawers

If the cabinet is a drawer cabinet you could work out how many drawers you have and split the things that you are storing into general categories to suit the things that you are storing. This will ensure that they are in a space that you can find them and that they don’t take up too much space.

Vacuum Bags

For storing fabric or clothing vacuum bags are ideal for creating more space. You put the fabric inside the vacuum bag and seal it up. Then attach the vacuum cleaner to the hole and suck the air out of the bag. This will remove all the air from the bag and make it a lot smaller than it was. You can then pile each bag on top of the other and will create a heap of space for yourself that wasn’t there before. A great idea for storage of bulky material items as it makes them heaps smaller and they take up a lot less room.

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