5 Must-Have Tools for Managing Your Blog on the Go

Running a blog can often become a full-time job, but staying at home all day blogging on your computer can quickly get tiring. It’s not practical to be cooped up all the time so that you can manage your blog.

Chances are you’ve blogged while on the go at least once so far, maybe from your favourite café or while vacationing. But did you know that managing your blog while away from home can be a lot more convenient than you may have imagined? With the use of some tools, a time-consuming job can turn into a simple one, no matter where you are!

Here are five must-have tools for managing your blog on the go.

Managing Your Blog on the Go

1. Mobile Devices

If you don’t yet have a mobile device or two that you can use for blogging remotely, you should consider purchasing some. There are a variety of great apps that can come in handy while you’re managing your blog away from home, and many can be used on both smartphones and tablets.

The iPhone and iPad, in particular, seem to be some of the most popular this year, perhaps due to their selection of exclusive apps that aren’t available on any other operating systems. The iPad is also helpful for bloggers because the addition of the Apple Pencil can allow them to take notes and add handwritten touches to their photos.

Overall, it would be best to have both a smartphone and a tablet on hand for when you need to manage your blog on the go. Laptops are a good option of course, but smaller, easier to transport devices can sometimes be more practical, especially if you’re only managing your blog and not creating long posts.

2. Security Apps

Have you ever encountered any security risks while blogging? The chances are that you’ve had your fair share of issues online (many people have run into malware at the very least) that may have left you rather worried, but when you begin using public WiFi, you become an easier target for hackers.

The reason those connected to public networks are more vulnerable is that the internet connection they’re using is unsecured. Anyone can access it, and that ultimately means that anyone with as little as beginner level knowledge of hacking can access your device as well. Besides them using this to obtain your login details, they can wipe your files, steal your stored data, spy on anything you do and have on your device, and potentially stir up trouble on your blog.

Because of the risks involved with connecting to the internet while on the go, it’s crucial that you utilize security apps whenever possible. An anti-virus app is good for starters, but more important than that is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app that will secure your internet connection with encryption. VPN service can also unblock geo-restricted content for you and hide your location so you can maintain a certain level of privacy online. For a comparison of some VPNs for iPhones, take a look at Secure Thoughts’ review of the best.

3. WP Robot 5

If WordPress is your blogging platform of choice, you won’t want to be without the WP Robot 5 plugin. Perhaps you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your blog while you’re away from home, but you still need your page to remain active enough to keep your readers interested. With WP Robot 5, you can arrange the auto-posting of content with ease.

WP Robot 5 essentially posts unique blog content in intervals, suited to specific niches and keywords of your choosing. The settings allow for you to have full control so there won’t be any posts that stray off the topic of your blog and none of the content will ever be posted more than once. You can even backdate the postings if you choose to and if you’re new to blogging and need some extra content to fill up your page, you can add several backdated posts with a click of a button.

The fun doesn’t end there! Check here for a full list of features. Prices range between $89 and $259 per year, depending on your needs. A 14-day, money-back guarantee is offered as well.

4. Hootsuite Mobile

On the topic of auto blogging, how about maintaining your social media pages while on the go? It can be fairly difficult to keep up with several different social media accounts when you’re away from home, whether you’re using mobile devices or a laptop. The internet connection you’re using may not be as good as your home network, and it could be you’re short on time.

Social media pages can be especially important for long term bloggers who have a large fan base that wants to stay connected to their favorite blogger. Besides sharing links to their latest blog posts on their social media pages, many bloggers host giveaways and start discussions amongst their followers.
With Hootsuite Mobile, you can easily and quickly locate content that may be relevant to the topics and interests commonly shared on your social media pages.

You’ll receive suggestions that will help you save time posting to your accounts so you can use that time blogging instead! Hootsuite Mobile will also automatically post on your behalf, and all of the suggestions can be edited to your liking.

Any content suggestions you’d like to share with your followers can be scheduled for posting in advance, so there’s no need for you to worry about checking your social media accounts as frequently as usual. They’ll practically take care of themselves! The downside is that Hootsuite Mobile is only available for iOS, though you can use it on your computer as well.

5. WiFi Compatible DSLR Camera

Just about any blogger needs a good camera and perhaps even more so while on the go. Maybe you run a travel blog or happen to review restaurants. If so, don’t forget to invest in a DSLR camera that has WiFi compatibility.

Not only do DSLR cameras take professional grade photos that are sure to liven up your blog posts, but if you choose one that has WiFi compatibility, you can instantly transfer your photos to your internet-enabled devices whenever there’s a wireless internet connection in range. Nikon, in particular, offers a great selection of cameras that can do that and much more. They have loads of additional features, filters and settings!

A combination of tools, both digital and physical, is likely to be the best choice for bloggers who are interested in managing their blogs on the go, but we’d like to hear what your thoughts are. What tools do you use for blogging remotely? Are there some must-haves we forgot to mention? Please share them with us in the comments section below.

Caroline is a blogger who has often had to manage her posts while on the go. Busy with everyday life, she has found that there are a variety of convenient tools that make blogging much easier than it once was! She now enjoys sharing the tips she has learned with others who could benefit from them.

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