5 Exciting Photography Career Options

Looking for a career in photography. Lets look on what are the exciting photography career options.

Photography is one of the most expressive forms of visual art because it helps to express ideas better than words can.

What a photographer can do with just one picture a writer may not be able to achieve in a thousand words.

It’s good that you have decided to venture into a career in photography but before you take any serious steps it’s important that you consider which particular photography career will suit you.

Here are five career options you can choose from.

Commercial Photography

All types of photography are commercial but this is actually a career where you take pictures solely for the purpose of selling to advertisers, news media and magazines.

You can take photographs of interior décor, latest automobiles, new technological devices, gadgets and fashion.

Pictures like these are highly essential because promoters are always in need of images to boost sales and upgrade their publicity platforms.

One good thing about this type of career is that you’re not limited to any particular genre.

You can take any types of photo based on your perceptions and sell it to people who will use them.

5 Exciting Photography Career Options


News happens every second in your local community and around the world. Your job as a photojournalist is to take pictures that are newsworthy, for the purpose of selling them to online and offline news media.

Most times when news breaks only the details are available and that is presented in the form of words.

But media outlets understand that providing a relevant photograph along with the text will not only give people a better mental understanding of what is going on but will also draw more attention to the article and the magazine/website/newspaper as a whole.

Wildlife Photography

Animals are a huge draw for people but most of us don’t have to them because they’re usually in the wild.

This is the notion behind the creation of print media dedicated to showcasing wildlife in pictures. If you love the outdoors and wildlife then this is the right photography career for you.

You’ll have direct access to animals in their natural habitat and you’ll get to take exciting photographs from your own unique angle and perception.

You’ll also have the opportunity to travel around the world and have free access to wildlife environments that most of us can only dream of.

Travel Photography

In modern times people always want to have good information about a place before they travel there.

As a travel photographer your job is to travel to places, local and international, and capture events in pictures.

There are hundreds of travel magazines both offline and online that are looking for authentic photographs from different destination in around the world.

One good thing about this career is that only a few people are involved in it. This means there is a huge opportunity for those who want to start their photography career in an environment that is not excessively saturated.


Do you have an interest in the fast moving, glamorous, creative and lucrative fashion world?

Here is an opportunity for you to get into the industry as a fashion photographer.

You’ll attend fashion exhibitions, shows, parties and runways and take pictures that you can sell to hundreds of fashion magazines all over the world.


This career will give you the opportunity to mix with the high and mighty in the fashion and entertainment industry and that can really help you reach the top of your career in a very short while.

Just make sure that you mix well with people, make good connections and follow up on your connections.

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