5 Designing Aspects – Need Consideration Of Website Designer

Web design is not just the appearance of a website but it affects several other factors that are directly related to the performance of any business in terms of revenue generation.

Here are some design issues that are mostly ignored by a website designer but need to be given due consideration.

5 Designing Aspects - Need Consideration Of Website Designer
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Mystery meat navigation – icons or pictorial buttons for navigational links

There is no text in place of navigational link and users have to find the location on their own and this effort often proves fruitless. This kind of navigation requires JavaScript and images. It is also a fact that using JavaScript and images enhance the time taken by a web page to appear at the screens of users. Images if necessary to use should get a supplementation of text links. It will provide a pleasant users’ experience.

Page title should represent the page content

This is a serious blunder that is often committed by designers. They make the title first and then write the content. In that way the chances of irrelevancy increase. Title of the content should come first and then the name of the website. It will make your website easy to locate as a results of relevant search made.

Contact information – the most significant feature of any website

Where to contact the concerned person? Site visitors often look for this section and if don’t succeed; decide to shift to some other website. Try to equip your site visitors with detailed contact information so that they consider your business as real and legal. There should be business address, email address and contact phone numbers for the convenience of site visitors.

Site map helps visitors to get clear idea about different pages

Most of the designers forget the importance of site map. This site map helps site visitors to locate the pages of their interest in an easy manner and also tell them where they are at present. A site map arranges all web pages and links in right hierarchy. Site maps also give a neat and organized look of a website.

Markup for enhanced accessibility of a website

Whether it is in the through the use of tables, layouts or line breaks, standardized markup increase the usability of a website. Using semantic markup is a good option.

The above mentioned aspects are often neglected by a web developer. If you are at start of your website design or just have hired the services for this purpose, communicate with the experts about your concerns.

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