5 Cool Gadgets for Your Bedroom

In this day and age, brand new gadgets are being invented at a speed never achieved before. However, if you look into the bedrooms of most people, you’ll notice nothing spectacular or innovative, despite the many brand new gadgets being invented. For those who have a bit of money to spare, consider these five cool gadgets for your bedroom.

Hi-Can Bed

Hi-Can Bed
The Hi-Can Bed, which is also referred to as the Canopy 3.0, is an extremely high-tech and pricy four-poster bed. It comes with an Xbox 360 gaming console, an HD video projector, as well as a built-in multimedia PC. This modern bed also comes with retractable privacy blinds, which will allow to achieve pitch black darkness in broad daylight. To add icing to the cake, you can also adjust the mattress level as well as the lighting.

Transparent TV

If you find your television set too detracting from the environment around it, then you’ll love the transparent TV. This incredible piece of technology was created by Michael Friebe by using LCD and TOLED display technology. Despite being able to see right through the TV screen, it still produces solid moving pictures with plenty of definition.

Portable Fireplaces

Portable Fireplaces
Instead of relying on a central heater or portable heater during the winter or on exceptionally cold nights, consider a portable fireplace. Nowadays, portable fireplaces come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For example, there are the cylinder Ecosmart Fireplaces, which come colors like black and white. Also, many of these portable fireplaces are powered by ethanol, which eliminates the need for a chimney or flue.


Are you tired of your basic, dull fluorescent or incandescent lights? Well, consider Hue, which involves LED bulbs, a controller, a Wi-Fi receiver, and a smartphone app. The latter allows you to use your smartphone to alter your lighting remotely. These bulbs will emit a light that’s any color you’d like. You can even program your lights to turn a specific color at a specific time. Therefore, Hue can definitely be a useful tool for reminders and warnings.

Sfera Alarm Clock

Sfera Alarm Clock
Do you have a problem with abusing the snooze button to stay asleep in bed? The Sfera Alarm Clock is especially made to combat that problem. This alarm clocks hangs above your bed from the ceiling. Whenever the Sfera Alarm Clock goes off, all you have to do is touch it to activate snooze. However, each time you activate snooze, the alarm clock retracts toward the ceiling until you can no longer reach it without getting up.

If you want to modernize your bedroom or at to its “cool” factor, you should definitely consider splurging on the gadgets listed above. Not only are these gadgets quite neat, but they also have quite useful functions, such as the portable fireplace, which will provide considerable warmth for your bedroom, and actually any other room in the house for that matter.

These are great gadgets for entertainment and convenience, but for a good night sleep nothing beats a mattress from latex mattress Sydney.

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