5 Cameras To Consider For Your Next Vacation

As mobile phones debut with better and better cameras, it’s getting harder for many consumers to distinguish between mobile photos and those taken with a digital camera. Even so, the benefits of taking a traditional digital camera on vacation are numerous. From better colours to closer optical zoom and better handling of bright light, there are some really great digital cameras on the market that will outdo any mobile phone’s relatively basic included lens. The next time you shop for digital cameras online you may want to consider one of the following options.

1. Sony CyberShot DSC-RX100

Sony CyberShot DSC-RX100

Sony has been a digital imaging powerhouse for the better part of a decade now, and it’s CyberShot DSC-RX100 is proof that it’s learned a thing or two since it debuted the Mavica series early last decade. The camera boasts one of the largest optical sense on any compact digital model, and easily shoots pictures of up to 20 megapixels. Full 1080i and 1080p video recording is also available with this model, making it a sure bet for any vacation.

2. Canon PowerShot A1400

Canon PowerShot A1400

For high-quality 16-megapixel pictures and one of the best optical zooms in the industry, the Canon PowerShot A1400 is a favourite among vacationers, new parents, and many others who are looking to document every aspect of their lives in stunning clarity. Though the PowerShot A1400 lacks Wi-Fi, it more than makes up for this omission with one of the largest and most high-quality optical sensors on the market. Canon never disappoints with its digital models, and this one is certainly no exception.

3. Canon PowerShot Elph 330 HS

Canon PowerShot Elph 330 HS

The PowerShot Elph is one of the most affordable compact digital models currently on the market, and it’s also one of the few digital cameras to come with built-in Wi-Fi capability. This comes in especially handy in hotel rooms that have a complimentary wireless data connection for their guest.

The silver camera is capable of shooting pictures at up to 12 megapixels, and packs a robust 3-inch display that will show every detail of a picture before it’s snapped and saved to the included SD card. Best of all, it’s among the smallest and thinnest models currently available.

4. Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Camera earns distinction as the first Android-based camera on the market. Developed by Samsung to coincide with its line of Galaxy phones and tablets, the large LCD screen on the camera’s rear uses a similar interface to Samsung’s TouchWiz Android overlay and enables a large number of rich sharing features, including direct uploads to social media sites, emailing, and wireless syncing with other devices. For consumers who intend to instantaneously share their travelogue with friends and family, few devices beat the Galaxy Camera in quality and innovation.

5. Ricoh GR

Ricoh GR

The Ricoh name is rarely heard in consumer photography, but the company’s GR compact digital camera is worth checking out. The device shoots pictures of up to 16 megapixels and comes with what might just be the best optical zoom of any model currently available to consumers, compact or otherwise. With a large optical sensor and a nice, wide lens, there is no picture that can’t be captured in stunning clarity and definition by the GR.

Excellent Choices for Demanding Vacationers

From Android-based “smart” cameras to those with built-in Wi-Fi, wide-angle lenses, and a whole host of professional features, today’s digital cameras are more powerful and innovative than ever. Travelers with any of these five models on hand will be able to capture their adventures in stunning clarity, in ways that earlier generations of vacationers only dreamed of.

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Written by David Johnson. David is a freelance photographer who loves to buy digital cameras online and participate in photo walks.

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