Family Portrait Themes

4 Themes For Your Family Portrait

Family portrait is the best way to have fun with your loved ones while capturing the memories into a photography. Here are 4 types of family portrait themes that you can use.

Long gone are the days when every family portrait looked the same.

Now you can expect a vibrant and appealing experience which everyone enjoys, and it is this unique spark that is captured to create the perfect picture.

Family Photography Theme - Candid & Studio

Here are 4 themes for your family portrait, ranging from fun and frivolous to classical and elegant.

Let your family’s personality shine through with one of these great themed portrait ideas.

1. Your Favourite Things

Candid Portrait Fun

This is a popular one as it allows your family to truly express themselves through their interests and hobbies.

Taking a few personal items along can liven up the photos once you’ve had some more formal shots done.

From the kids team sports gear to Dad’s golfing best, letting the family dress up with their favourite things can provide a unique theme to your next family portrait.

2. Old-school Elegance

Family Photography Theme - Old School

The classic poses and antique style of traditional family portraits can be a great inspiration for some truly lovely and timeless shots.

Some photography companies can even hire you authentic vintage style outfits to complete the atmosphere of the shots.

Make sure you get some fun pictures in the mix as well, the elegance of old-school portraits is great, but the feeling of austerity can be a little much for the little ones!

4 Themes For Your Family Portrait

3. Playful and Fun

The opportunities are endless, with some families choosing to go all-out with themes ranging from the characters of their favourite TV shows to superheroes and villains. Your imagination is truly the limit when coming up with one of these themes.

Family Photography Theme - Superhero

If the photographer works out of a studio, they may be able to do some nifty editing work to transport your family into the depths of the jungle for a Safari theme, monuments in Europe for the explorers, or to the city of your choice around the world.

Always chat with your photographer to let them know what you’re thinking, and check out their portfolio to see if they’ve had experience getting the style of shots you’re looking for.

4. Candid Portraits

Candid Portrait Fun

Sometimes the best theme is to just be yourselves! This is one of the most natural and effective ways to have your portraits done.

Instead of having the rigid system of posing for structured shots, your photographer will accompany you and wander around taking pictures of your family’s natural interactions.

A good idea for this is to have a BBQ in your favourite park, so the photographer will be able to snap the kids at play, the adults chatting and everyone getting together for the meal.

You may be asked to bunch up for a few group pictures, and the photographer may give small prompts throughout the day to get the best shots, but it is still far more spontaneous and individual than a strictly formatted portrait shoot.


Discussing portrait options with your professional photographer is the most effective way to share ideas and work on the look that you’re after. Whichever theme you choose, remember to keep it fun.

You’re looking to capture the essence of who your family is, so that you can treasure the unique photos from your portrait session for the rest of your lives.

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