4 Amazing Ways To Get Creative At Easter

With loads of chocolates, hot cross buns, daffodils, bunnies and chocolate eggs, Easter can be as fun and enjoyable as Christmas. Here are some ways to bring out that creative side of yours when bucking up for Easters.

Embellishing eggs on your own is certainly an enjoyable means to rejoice Easter. Right from gilding to scratching and hand painting to dyeing, there are endless options for you.

4 Amazing Ways To Get Creative At Easter
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Natural Colored Eggs

Begin with dry and clean hard boiled eggs. Make a pattern over these eggs with the help of a candle or wax crayon. Now batch several dyes in saucepans and then boil the eggs for around five minutes in a color of your choice. You may pick from natural dyes such as tea leaves (brown), beetroot (red), spinach (green) and turmeric (yellow) and boil these ingredients for a few minutes in a pot prior to adding in the egg.

Here, the longer one boils the dyes before putting in the eggs, the stronger the color will turn out to be. Now remove the egg and dry it using paper towel for revealing the design.

Decoupage Eggs

The classic Victorian artwork of decoupage, which is about adorning the surfaces with patterned motifs, is great for creating amazing eggs that won’t require one to be an expert with brush and paint.

Create a design template. You may get some really cool designs from your local craft store. Further, you may consider using wallpaper paste for affixing your design at the center of your boiled egg, white can be a neutral base but a pre-colored egg is more fun, whereas gluing the strips around the egg creates an attractive border.

Chocolate Eggs

This is one of the easiest ways to create a special and distinct gift this Easter. Here, you require 15 cm x 16 in Easter egg moulds made from plastic and some white, milky or plain chocolate. For melting the chocolate, you can place heat-resistive bowl over the pan of scarcely simmering water and then smash the chocolate into your bowl in small bits.

Turn down the heat and allow the chocolate to melt with frequent stirring. Now spoon out the melted chocolate in the mould and turn it upside down. Finally leave it to cool in refrigerator for a couple of minutes. Now apply the second coat followed by refrigerating for a few minutes. Again apply the third coat and leave it in your refrigerator for an hour. Remove from moulds after it sets and put in chocolates or gifts at the center and glue the halves with melted chocolate. Allow it to set.

Let Flowers say your Heart

Easter garlands truly are splendid center pieces. You can start with drenching florist’s foam ring into water and then covering it with leafy flora like the polyanthus leaves.

Add flowers that you love the most and make sure to evenly space them across the ring and then render some finishing touch with decorate eggs fastened with raffia and fine wire.

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