4 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Web Hosting Service

When it comes right down to it, anytime that you want to be professional, you have to look and act the part. For website owners, this means having a sleek, customized website that not only looks great, but performs in the same manner. To accomplish this, there really is only one choice when it comes to getting your business up online and out there: a professional web hosting service.

Professional Web Hosting Service

What is Professional Web Hosting?

Professional web hosting is simple when you allow a company that is dedicated to hosting websites host your website—it’s that simple. The alternative is to have your own server which requires a ton of knowledge, upkeep and honestly, more trouble than it’s worth. Professional web hosting companies run larger servers that are capable of handling massive amounts of data, ensuring that all you have to do is get your website designed and they’ll have it up.

In essence, you can think about this like a building development. The web hosting company runs the neighborhood, providing electricity, water and police to all the houses in the development. Then, people come and rent a lot of land, build their house and the development keeps providing all the service. In this case, the house you build would be the website and when people want to come visit your house—or website—they’d simply type in the address on a search engine. What pops up is a link right to your house that wouldn’t be available without the neighborhood—or professional web hosting service.

Four Reasons to Go Pro When it Comes to Web Hosting

As you can see, without a web host, nobody will be able to find your website because it has no place to be built. Now, you have two options for building: either find a way to support your own neighborhood by buying and maintaining servers, or rent some land in a professional neighborhood. As you can probable imagine, renting is a much better option, and here’s why:

1. No upkeep. Running your own server is no joke. Not only is there a ton of expensive equipment to buy, but you also have to know how to work and maintain it. That’s to say nothing of the one thing that servers do without fail: crash. This means that when—not if—your server crashes, you will have to get it back online and hope that your website didn’t lose too much data or sales during the downtime. In fact, you’ll need a backup server to ensure that you don’t experience too much downtime or lose any data. So now you’re not only buying two servers, but you’re also maintaining them both. If the server goes down in the middle of the night, you’d better hope you’re awake to fix it, otherwise your site will not be up and that’s sales down the drain.

2. Able to focus on your business. Rather than running all of those servers and learning how to, isn’t it much more important that you tend to your website’s appearance and your business? Every second that you spend hosting your own website is a second away from your business. In this competitive market and downtrodden economy, there isn’t a second to spare taking the focus off of your business, driving sales and traffic into your site to increase your ROI.

3. Larger, more expensive equipment. In addition to freeing up your valuable resources like time and money, hiring a professional web hosting service also means you get to host your site on their servers. Unless you’re independently wealthy, you’re just not going to be able to afford the quality servers that professional web hosting companies have. That’s because this is their business—they only host websites. You have other expenses that you need to tend to, limiting the amount of money you can put into buying your own servers. And even if you could purchase quality, professional servers, you’d then have to hire a team to run them. At this point, you might as well start your own professional web hosting server!

4. Better rankings. Finally, it’s important to note that since professional web hosting companies have established themselves in the industry, search engines are “used to” their signature, meaning higher rankings for your business right off the bat. Search engine crawlers like things to be easy—the easier your site is to index, the higher it will rank. Since professional web hosting companies have templates that are easy to index, not only will you rank higher, you’ll score more conversions.

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