3 Essentials Tips for Logo Design

Ever thinking of becoming your own logo creator? You could look into online graphic design schools. There have been numerous of software to create logo online, logo design showcases, tutorials and resources across the Web but do you really understand what makes a good logo design? In this post, we’ll go through 3 most essential tips of creating good and effective logo design. Enjoy your reading!

3 Essentials Tips to Logo Design

Keep It Simple (KISS)

There is no other winning logo than an elegance yet simple logo design. It’s proven that a simple design will allow the logo to be easier to recognize, nice versatile look and also will bring a great memorable impact. It was highly recommended for a beginner to learn and do lots of experiment on how to create and develop a minimalist design concept from other established designer. It is ok to mimic or copy their persona at the beginning but you will have to come out with your own style at the end.

The Effectiveness

Aside from its simple or minimal concept, you must also consider the effectiveness of your logo design even without color. You have to concentrate on the design structure first before going to coloring phase. It is crucial for a logo to be effective with or without color. In a simpler words, your logo must look good in both color and black & white prints.


This is very important guys. You must keep your logo design text to be readable. Your logo can be extremely outstanding in terms of design or concept but it is totally useless if people or audience can’t read a single text of it. Always be extra careful when it comes to resizing text.

These are the three most essential tips that have been always in my mind when it comes to logo design. Stay tuned for next post where I will be sharing with you some of my tips on how to create a business card online. Feel free to share your own tips or thought at the comment box. Cheers!

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