3 Essential Tips to Improve Network Security and Performance

Network security is one of the most crucial factor to provide and serve best and undisputed networking performance. There are many of information security services available in the market which are able to improve your network security and performance.

Network Security and Performance
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Below are our three essential tips and recommendations:

1. Install Firewall or Unified Threat Management (UTM)

As the risk of network attacks will always derived from a vulnerable network connection, a solid protection need be well consider. Firewall is one of the most practical solutions in current days. Thus, a more reliable and secure firewall box plus continuous network monitoring are now the key to top notch security solution.

Currently, there is an emerged solution in network security industry which combined most of the element needed in providing protection for an organization called Unified Threat Management (UTM). UTM combine most of the crucial component in security such as IDS, IPS, Anti-Virus and others all in one box.

Install Internet Load Balancing Equipments

Second internet line can be configured as backup line; means the line become active if the main line totally down. However, it is not practical if the backup line was subscribed based on monthly or yearly subscription and not pay-per-use subscription.

In order to optimize the monthly-subscribed ISP backup line and to provide a better network performance, a Load Balancing Equipment can be installed and configured to progressively running as active-active connection where both lines will remain active to utilize network bandwidth to support Abacus network traffics. To optimize the internet performance, second backup line can be configured active and this mechanism required network device such as firewall or load balancer device to determine which device can be utilized. Modern equipments not only able to set network traffic as 50:50 ratios but also allow network administrator to set their preferences.

Implement QoS Equipment to Prioritize Network traffics

To provide and improve network performance, Quality of Service (QoS) equipments is useful for network traffic prioritization. Specific network traffic type or group which are identified as crucial and important traffic can be assigned to rank in a higher priority compare to others such as email, internet browsing and downloading file.

Different application requires different network requirement such as VOIP does not required bigger bandwidth but requires low latency network path. With implementation of QoS, will ensure your network traffic performance will be given special treatment and guarantee of service and bandwidth. Other network application will experience degrading of service but not failure of service.

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