3 Essential Tips for Information Security Risk Assessment

Security can be considered as one of the most crucial element in current online information technology and services. Nowadays, the internet is no longer a luxury to few but it have been regarded as a new needs and requirements to complement modern lifestyle to most. Thus, information security risk assessment should be treated beyond critical to ensure online site and services is safe and sound.

In this post, we will highlights three serious and essential tips on how to conduct a competent information security risk assessment.

Information Security Risk Assessment
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Management Practices and Governance

Information security should no longer be seen as an intense technological focused problem. The management’s procedure and process of current organizational practices and governance need to be properly analyzed and structured to support information security policies to its best.

Security policies must be clear and transparent to all of the users throughout the organization. Security awareness programme such as trianing and briefing need to be consistently conducted to ensure strong understanding and good acceptance from all involved parties.

User Roles Practices

Users is the most critical factors in risk assessment. Human Resource Department need to be well trained to have a great understanding on the security scope, users roles, compliance and responsibility to ensure that the execution of security risk assessment will be in a good direction.

Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) on personnel separation and user screening need to be well prepared and aligned with company security policies and contract.

Information/Data Assessment Practices

Information or data is absolutely critical assets to all organization. Thus, Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is totally a must to support current business plan in case of emergency. BCP includes Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to provide a recovery platform which is able to be used as a backup plan to support production’s operation for business continuity needs in the future.

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User authentication for information or data access must compliance to the latest standards and procedures defined with the organization’s authorities and user access must be closely monitored by a dedicated team from Information Technology Department. This practice is important to ensure that system and information integrity is properly managed and configured to avoid any malicious code or intrusion internally and externally

Although most of the risk assessment are likely to be related or linked with information technology security practices, human and environment factors of the organization must be treated as one of the critical element in information security risk assessment.

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