Do Not Seek Praise. Seek Criticsm

Appraisal is pleasing. Indeed. People are more likely to seek for praise than criticism. We tends to be a pretender rather to be a critical. We love to filter out all the bad and get to hear what we want to hear. If you have produced a piece of work, you will get your colleague of friends for approval and get other people to say good thing about it. What about criticism? Continue reading

Once Upon a Time: Five Storytelling Habits Your Training Seminar Could Use

Successful marketers know that everyone loves a story. Put the listener at the heart of the action and you’re halfway to winning the battle. But here’s the secret none of them will tell you – you can use these techniques on just about anyone, to persuade them to do just about anything. That’s why I recommend including them in the training setup at your next conference or seminar. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. Continue reading

Project Managing Your Self Build

A large majority of self-builders decide to stay out of the construction process but do get involved with project managing. About 80% of self-builders will project manage themselves. This is a large proportion, especially considering that a majority of them will have no experience in this line of work. If you’re unsure as to whether you want to project manage yourself or hand the job over to the professionals use the information below to help you make the right decision for you. Continue reading

Using One-stop Online Shopping Sites

Online shopping is incredibly popular, but it can be difficult to find online stores that offer many different types of products all in the same online store. If you want to try to find sites that cater to different types of products, from books and electronics to clothing and home goods, there are some ways to find sites that can offer you many types of products without your having to search different specialty sites. Continue reading

Four Tips from the Experts on Designing your Custom Trade Show Display

Trade shows, also known as trade fairs or trade exhibitions, are one of the most innovative ways of promoting one’s business and brands. They enable those who have new products or new ideas for products can have potential customers try them out and see how they like them. Continue reading

Organisation Adoption of PaaS Set to Spike

Organisations across the world have been touched by the cloud’s influence, whether it’s for storage, app development or accessing work resources. As this solution develops more sophisticated security features, management concerns are slowly dissipating, however the business must still focus on finding the right service to fit user needs. Continue reading