KIT Capital: The Importance of Interim Management

When a company’s chief executive officer (CEO) leaves through resignation or termination, the company’s operations can be jeopardized until a replacement is installed. For a company going through difficult economic times or transitions, such as a merger, the loss of a CEO can be especially critical. Many corporations have turned to companies such as KIT Capital for an interim CEO or to fill board of director positions with professionals who can provide immediate management expertise. Continue reading

Pacific West Capital Group Helps Investors Predict Returns and Risk

Life settlement investments offered by Pacific West Capital Group do not react to the volatility of the stock or bond markets, interest rate fluctuations, instability of foreign economies or poor economic conditions in this country. A primary area of risk that is of concern to life settlement investors is the financial strength and stability of the insurance companies that underwrote and must payout the policies at maturity. Another risk factor is contestability of the policies. Pacific West Capital has addressed each risk factor. Continue reading

A Buyer’s Choice: Tips to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

A growing number of individuals are making the transition from working in a traditional office setting to working from home. And while working in your pajamas may seem like an ideal scenario, some people thrive under pressure and find it hard to make the adjustment. Even if you’re the industrious type, everyday distractions like the television, children and the Internet can cause you to quickly lose focus. Continue reading

Stay Connected and Boost your Profits with an iPad POS

We live in a world where everyone and everything is expected to go mobile. This is not necessarily problematic; it is merely a symptom of living in the 21st century. Finding ways to stay connected is of the utmost importance, particularly when it comes to managing your business. Because of the wide range available, clients often expect to be able to keep in touch with the various companies they support Continue reading

How You Can Start A Small Business

The saying that, “nothing comes easy in life” can often lead people to think that everything has to be difficult. And while most tasks certainly require some effort and hard work, it doesn’t mean that things are impossible to accomplish. This is especially true with the idea of starting your own business. Some people may think that starting a business is incredibly difficult or takes a lot of time. Continue reading

On Your Way to a Paperless Office

A number of years ago, the business world declared that it would soon be operating paper-free. This aim has not been fully achieved, but modern technology has paved the way for more and more companies to electronically store their archived files as well as up-to-date records using document scanning services. Continue reading

3 Essential Tips For Online Dating Etiquette

A lot of people seem to think the Internet is a place to ditch their manners and act however they please because they’re hiding behind a computer screen. Unfortunately, this way of thinking has spawned a large population of web users who are completely clueless about the right (and wrong) way to act, especially when it comes to online dating.

Continue reading

Restaurants are Using More Technology to Improve Guest Experience

Every year the electronic/technology industry tries to “wow” us with the latest and greatest new gadgets and devices.  The restaurant technology industry is no different. With Point of Sale systems getting more affordable and gathering more information almost every new restaurant today is using some kind of POS SystemContinue reading

How Can a Kiosk Computer Improve Your Business?

Any organization that is looking for an efficient way to provide one-on-one and highly personalized interaction with customers should consider the possibilities of using a kiosk computer. What I interesting and highly valued about the kiosk computer is that they are incredibly versatile. Continue reading

Becoming a Master of Business

One of the biggest decisions in the adult population involves taking the plunge to start school again.  It is often a matter of whether or not satisfaction exists with the available opportunities at their current level.  Those who wish to excel and take their careers and lives to higher heights often choose to pursue a 1-year MBA. Continue reading