5 Must-Have Office Accessories For Optimal Comfort

Most people aren’t aware of the stress that an office space can create until it is hindering their efficiency. By using ergonomic accessories in the workplace one can arrange their environment to create maximum productivity with ease on your mind and body. The following is a list of the top five ergonomic tools that you can implement at work, not only do they benefit your output but they are also designed with the user in mind. Continue reading

9 Must Have Ergonomic Products That You Need For Your Office Right Now

If you’re like so many others you’re sitting in an office right now procrastinating by reading articles online or checking your Facebook because you can’t concentrate. Your eyes probably hurt, you may be on the brink of suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, and your back and knees may be sore. Have you even heard of ergonomics; the act of designing work environments for maximum safety and efficiency? Continue reading