The Art of Maintaining an Online Business

While it is indeed difficult and exhausting starting up an online business, few would argue with the assertion that things are just as – if not harder – when it comes to maintaining one. The internet boasts an overabundance of opportunities, however it also comes with a seemingly limitless amount of challenges that never cease. Here are a few tips on maintaining an online business. Continue reading

Webexpenses is Now One of Britain’s Key Companies

Webexpenses has been inducted onto the ACCELERATE 250 list of Britain’s brightest businesses at a special gala celebration. We were selected by former Tesco boss, Sir Terry Leahy, and Government adviser, Lord Young, to join the list of the UK’s fastest growing companies whose success was commended at the Liverpool event. Continue reading

Creating a Layout to Attract Customers to Your Business

Whether you own a quaint restaurant or a busy boutique, your company’s website can do a lot when it comes to the business you are getting. More and more people are using the Internet to find information pertaining to local businesses, so your site’s template needs to look professional and be easy to navigate. Without some of these features, it might hurt you in the long run when it comes to retaining repeat customers. Continue reading

5 Cool Gadgets for Your Bedroom

In this day and age, brand new gadgets are being invented at a speed never achieved before. However, if you look into the bedrooms of most people, you’ll notice nothing spectacular or innovative, despite the many brand new gadgets being invented. For those who have a bit of money to spare, consider these five cool gadgets for your bedroom. Continue reading

Should your Business offer customer Wi-Fi

WiFi enables people to use the Internet on their laptops, tablets and even smartphones in order to avoid data charges. More and more businesses are offering their customers WiFi for a variety of different reasons. If you have been wondering if free public WiFi is right for your business, you might want to consider its benefits to see if it is the right choice for you. Continue reading

5 Ways To Spot (And Avoid) A Twitter Scam

Social networking sites provide users with many benefits, and these days, there are tons of different platforms where information is shared. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are the most common, and people create profiles on these sites for several different reasons. You can share pics and posts with friends, track down childhood buddies, promote events, and more. Continue reading

Top 5 Apps for Recruiting in HR

The proliferation of mobile apps has seemingly affected and improved every facet of life. Mobile apps have even simplified the responsibilities of human resource (HR) recruiters. Specifically, mobile apps have effectively improved their productivity, connected recruiters with more diverse prospects, and offered video interviewing to HR recruiting professionals. Continue reading

3 Myths About Trying To Make Money Online

Trying to earn money online is no doubt a tough task when first getting started. Making an income from home, however, is something millions of people around the globe have achieved. The problem for most newbies is their lack of experience on what is required to do in order to start making money. Continue reading