7 Ways To Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is an ever-growing present concern in our daily lives. With reports of institutions, corporations, and websites being hacked every week, it’s no wonder that reports of identity fraud went up from 8.5 million in 2010 according to the US Department of Justice to 10.5 million in 2012. What can the average consumer do to protect themselves from identity theft? Read on for our advice. Continue reading

Data Centres Focus on Cloud for Workload Optimisation

Cloud technology has become a significant asset for many data centres as the expectations for computing space continue to rise. Many businesses place their focus on optimal server functionality, requiring data centres to be on the top of their game with the best cloud solutions to handle the necessary workload. Continue reading

Go Hard Or Go Home: Incredible Home Office Designs

As increasing numbers of people opt to work from home, there is a growing need and desire for home workers to create the right type of working environment. With more distractions at home and often little space to create a complete office, the challenge is to establish a home office design that enables the worker to maintain productivity and creativity levels. Here are 10 super cool home office designs to draw inspiration from. Continue reading

How to Become a Time Management Ninja

At work, do you often find yourself overwhelmed, and do you fall behind due to the complexity and number of projects you have to finish? As your day progresses, do you sometimes feel as though you haven’t devoted enough time to each task because you keep getting new work, your coworkers are constantly interrupting you, or you just can’t get organized? Continue reading

Top Ideas You Should Remember About Serviced Offices

A lot of frequent travelling business, new entrepreneurs, mobile workers, and home based business owners have benefitted from serviced offices Shanghai or located elsewhere. But even those who have experienced conducting their business operations through this kind of office still have wrong notions about offices for rent, flexible offices, or any type of alternative offices. Here are some ideas that one should keep in mind about renting serviced offices. Continue reading

What Can Happen When Your Identity is Stolen

Identity theft is a serious crime. The person who commits the crime is in violation of federal laws and you are in the horrible position of not knowing what is being done under your own name. This can be a very scary situation for the victim. Some people however do not fully understand the implications of having their identity stolen and this is why I am writing this article. Continue reading

Hackers Using Virus to Create Online Buzz

While social networking sites may have started out as ways for internet users to communicate, network, post photos and enjoy entertainment, they have now become a vital part of marketing and business in a number of ways. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become an important part of business promotion and marketing, used by businesses and individuals all around the world in order to promote their products. Continue reading

3 Tips To Move Information To Your Drivers Quickly

If you are a dental practitioner that is starting to be known in the towing field then an answering service will do you good. A towing practitioner just like most private practitioners can expect clients to give them a ring from time to time. How can you attend to your client’s inquiries and requests when you cannot be present at your office for all of the times? Will you hire a call receptionist that will be available for 24 hours at your office just for the purpose of answering calls? Continue reading